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Mother of Greece woman found guilty in connection with West Webster tragedy speaks out

A jury found her guilty in connection with the West Webster ambush and now while she sits in a jail cell, waiting to learn her punishment, families impacted by the tragedy continue to rebuild their lives and homes. As construction continues in that neighborhood on Lake Road, many people are wondering what's next in this case.

Dawn Nguyen faces several years in prison. A jury found her guilty Tuesday of lying on a gun application in 2010. She bought the guns for convicted felon, William Spengler, who shot four firefighters, killing two of them.

Dawn Nguyen’s mother went on a local radio station to defend her daughter. Throughout the trial, Dawn Nguyen’s mother has been outspoken, defending her daughter. News10NBC reached out to her for a comment, but never heard back. News10NBC did get the recording of her call into Kimberly and Beck on The Buzz before the verdict came down.

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Greece woman found guilty in connection with West Webster tragedy

There was a guilty verdict Tuesday for the woman who bought the guns that were used to kill two firefighters and injure two others in the line of duty. It was a tragedy that began with a reported car fire and ended with three lives lost.

A jury found Dawn Nguyen guilty on a charge of falsifying business records. The jury's decision meant that they felt Nguyen filled out the paperwork to buy the guns used in the West Webster tragedy and intended to give them to the suspected gunman, William Spengler. Police say William Spengler set a fire outside his home on Lake Road in Webster and then used the guns to fire at four West Webster firefighters who responded to calls for that fire. Two firefighters, veteran Mike Chiapperini and 19-year-old Tomasz Kaczowka, were killed. Ted Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter survived the attack. Spengler's sister, Cheryl Spengler, was also killed.

Westside forecast for April 15th

Westside forecast for April 15th
News10NBC Meteorologist Rich Caniglia pinpoints today's westside forecast.

News10NBC Meteorologist Rich Caniglia pinpoints today’s west side community weather forecast.

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Jury deliberates in trial of Greece woman linked to West Webster tragedy

For the first time during the trial involving the West Webster shootings, News10NBC is hearing from one of the firefighters who survived the ambush.

Ted Scardino was shot the morning of Christmas Eve 2012, a day he won’t ever forget. 

Jurors began deciding the fate Monday of the only person that has been charged in connection with the West Webster tragedy that happened on Christmas Eve 2012. They deliberated for just a couple of hours before stopping for the day. 

Dawn Nguyen is accused of lying on paperwork and buying the guns that were used to kill two firefighters, Mike Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka, in the line of duty. Two other firefighters, Ted Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter survived the attack.  

Police say the gunman, William Spengler, set a fire and then hid, waiting for the heroes to arrive and then opened fire.